How it all started

The story of Unicon (Part I)

Once upon a time, there were seven students, fuelled with motivation, who were allowed to be part of a new era. Together with less than 100 other students, they are the first generation to open the doors to Code University of Applied Science in Berlin, marking the beginning of something big. Driven by passion, the seven chosen people attended many conferences – in vain – in search of the only true thing. Desperate, they sat down together on a cold winter evening and reflected. 

“I have the uncomfortable feeling that something is not going right here. No conference gives me the opportunity to talk to other interesting people,” Lennard said.

“So we are not interesting enough for you?” Consti snapped.

“Quiet,” Lukas said, “I think that’s because there are too many people attending such conferences.”

“I feel uncomfortable too,” Yilmaz muttered. “When I talk to supposedly interesting people, they are studying something completely different.”

“Is that really a problem?” Mika asked.

“I would just like to be inspired by people who work towards the same thing as me.”

Suddenly Tobi got up. His eyes flickered as if a thousand brilliant ideas were racing through his head. “Guys, we’ll have to take care of it ourselves. The world needs us. “

“Stop,” said an Angel’s voice. The door of the stark room, where the boys were pondering, opened. It was Paulina. “You can not handle this responsibility alone. You will need me. “

It took 6 months, during which the 7 chosen ones worked together on a concept that every other conference should eclipse. Without prior experience, they relied on their minds, their passion and the will to change something.

“Which students will be worthy of the idea?” Mika asked when they had the concept, almost half a year later, like an open gold chest in front of them.

Paulina blinked, blinded by genius. “99 should it be. We will choose carefully. Every student in Europe should have the opportunity to attend the conference. “

“Are these the only requirements?” Lukas asked.

“Of course the applicants should have good reasons.” Tobi replied.

Consti started laughing. “A CV should not be missing. After all, Yilmaz should feel comfortable talking to students who share the same interests. “

Lennard had not spoken a word for a while. Far too much a thought drove him to astray. “We need a name,” he expressed. The whole room fell silent, the gold chest slammed, whereupon darkness spread in the room.

It was a lightning strike that shook the seven. When everyone looked at the window, a very strange mask snuggled around Mikas head. “People,” he whispered, and when everyone turned around, the answer was written on everyone’s face. “We are Unicon.”

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