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Apply now to be part of the first unicon Conference!

1. Application

The first step to join the conference is the application! Please fill out the form below and submit your application by March 20th
To apply, you have to be 18 years old and you have to be an enrolled student. We aim for diversity in gender, fields of study and personal background.

2. Selection

After collecting all applications, we will go through all of them and select 99 participants that we will invite to join us in April.
Our goal is to have a diverse group of great students, that have different backgrounds and can learn from each other.

3. Invitation

The 99 selected participants will get an e-mail by March 16th, in which you are asked to confirm within one week, that you will join the conference. You will also be asked to pay 20€ for your ticket. Since this is the first time the event will be held, we need some money to offer a great event! If you want to join the event, but can´t afford to pay for it, please get in touch with us!

Application form

Closed for this year.

Questions about your application?

Feel free to contact Yilmaz, our Head of Participants!
[email protected]


Do you have more questions? Contact us

For our first conference, we have 99 slots for participants. Because of the limited amount, we have to sort out among the applicants. Important: All students can apply! You just have to be a student of a University or University of Applied Science. 

In the application process, we ask you for some basic information about yourself. 

We also want to know, why you would like to join the conference. The answer is optional, but it would make our decision easier if you give a short explanation. 

Another important step in your application is,  your CV. This is mandatory, we need them especially for the sponsors who will join us for a speed dating session with all the participants.


We plan with 99 participants. We will also have teams of our different sponsors on the event and of course our speakers. 


There are many reasons. The two most important ones:

First, we want to have an exclusive amount of participants. Very good students from the best universities. 

Second, we want to connect the students with each other and 99 is a number where people still feel like a big group. After that three days, you should nearly know most of the participants and that’s one of our most important goals for our conference.


Yes. Some of the participants will be students of CODE and they will be able to host participants in their flats, where you could sleep for free. 

If you like to get free accommodation, please make sure to check the required checkbox in your application above. We will contact you in time and give you all the required information about your accommodation.

To make the selection process as transparent as possible for you, we tell you which parts are the most important for us. 

The reason why you would like to join unicon Berlin. 

Your CV. It should be a professional CV which we could also give to the sponsors, who will attend our speed dating. 

We will also take into consideration when you applied! The applicants that apply earlier will have a higher chance to get a ticket than the last ones. 

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